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Registered Dietitian Patient Solutions

If you have deeper patient relationships and use actionable data to better engage with your patients, could you generate more revenue?


We agree, you can.


Hico Health is a chronic disease management platform extension that supplements the reach and scope of RDs and other nutrition professionals, so that they better engage with their type 2 diabetes populations in communities of color.

Founded by a Pharmacist/CDE, our RD Dashboard goes beyond the typical challenges that RDs face to establish and nurture deeper relationships and to use actionable data for interventions and to bolster their medication knowledge.

Our health engagement platform is HIPAA compliant and our on demand video education is based on the AADE 7 Self Care Behaviors. We teach a robust  DSMES curriculum in a format that is evidence based, digestible and relatable.

You as the RD, deploy our Hico Health App to your patients who engage and learn while you monitor and receive actionable data.

How Do You Benefit?

  • You can monitor patient glucose logs in real time

  • Your patients can also share historical data with you

  • Your patients become more involved in their healthcare 

  • Your nutritional therapy is reinforced with our program

  • Your patients are encouraged and motivated to get more active

  • Your patients are given a daily blueprint for healthier behaviors

  • You can access our medication database to be more conversational

  • You have access to our culturally sensitive handouts

We want to assist you in being the best RD you can be for your patients.

Many RDs use our platform as an extension to their existing practice management program and use our platform as a competitive advantage.

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