The Power of Partnerships

We partner with non-profit groups that have been, and continue to do the much needed work in our communities.

We work with community health centers, health advocacy groups, researchers and all other groups looking to improve health outcomes and to reduce health disparities in Black communities.

We believe that by combining our respective strengths,

  • Community partner distribution reach

  • Hico Health's digital health platform 

we can achieve improved health outcomes at scale.

We work closely with our community partners to integrate our smartphone app into their outreach efforts.

While the tech industry is aiming to replace community health professionals with technology, we believe the better way forward is to use technology to leverage the reach and to enhance the skill sets they bring to patient care and engagement.

What Does A Partnership Look Like?

The organization determines how to integrate our Hico DashBoard and it's connected smartphone apps into it's outreach initiatives. 

The organization selects a point person to be the administrator for the program.

We provide training to that administrator as well as ongoing support. 

Monthly costs start at $50 per month.

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