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All Brains

On Deck

Proud Sponsor of The National Medical Association

There are too many health obstacles facing Black America.


In the area that we focus on, type 2 diabetes, much of the diabetes focus and innovation tend to find patients that are already highly motivated and also patients who are financially stable.

We have made it our mission to reduce health disparities for Black patients who are living with diabetes, particularly underserved patients.

We do this by equipping & partnering with community healthcare professionals and organizations who are treating and caring for type 2 diabetes populations.

We provide a telehealth platform that assists HCPs in delivering health literacy education and behavioral change programming via our smartphone virtual classes, all through our mobile apps.

Providers are able to monitor patient data (glucose readings, blood pressure, weight and activity) in real time to support patients in between doctor visits.

The diabetes epidemic in Black America requires that we need all brains on deck.


We would love to work with you.

Reach out to us via Twitter or Instagram at @hicohealth or info@hico.health

Enjoy the conference.

Dacia Bryant

Chief Health Officer | Founder | Pharmacist | DCES 

Dale Bryant

Director of Partnerships | CoFounder