Dashboard Starter Module - $25/month

Single User Sign In (Additional sign in $5/month)

Get all the features you need to begin engaging with your users.


Clinician Features:

  • Real-time patient monitoring Dashboard

  • Track behavior trends

  • Time In Range visual analytics

  • Blood glucose & blood pressure charting

  • Culturally sensitive bi-lingual informational support handouts (PDF)

  • Medication database

  • Update patient medication list

  • Service up to 100 users/patients

  • HIPAA compliant technology infrastructure

  • Two-factor authentication

Your Patient Features:

  • iPhone or Android smartphone app

  • Evidence based lessons framed in AADE 7 Self Care Behaviors

  • On-demand culturally relatable HICO animation curriculum

  • Behavioral daily blueprint

  • Pedometer connection

  • "Real world" nutrition database

  • HandBook - In app quick reference user support guide

Faith-Based Initiative

Module (included)

Additional Module Extensions

Add the features you need, pay only for what you want.

Choose from a list of Module Extensions to add to your Solo Dashboard Platform. You can take advantage of additional savings by choosing a bundles package at the end.

Bandwidth Extension Module

+ $10/month

Basic Modules 

Professional Branding

+ $10/month

Hico Virtual Class

+ $25/month

Ad Free Module

+ $10/month

Plus Modules

Branded Animation


+ $75/month

Branded Virtual Class

+ $50/month

In App Patient


+ $75

Pro Modules

HR Benefits Module

+ $50/month

Remote Patient Monitoring 

+ $100/month

Payment Module

+ $50/month

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