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For the provider that wants to test drive the Hico DashBoard platform.

Module 1 - Starter Kit


  • Collect real-time patient data in HIPAA environment

  • Analyze progress of patient health metrics

  • Monitor patient engagement 

  • Use patient health data to determine treatment

  • Encourage patient interaction with their health data

  • Integrates with your existing health program

  • Ability to set daily goals

  • Share in cumulative national data base 

More  Features:

  • Track daily behavior trends

  • Time In Range visual analytics

  • Blood glucose & blood pressure charting

  • Culturally sensitive bi-lingual informational support handouts (PDF)

  • Access to Pharmacist approved Medication Database

  • Update patient medication list

  • HIPAA compliant technology infrastructure

  • Two-factor authentication

Your Patient Features:

  • iPhone or Android smartphone app (glucometer device agnostic)

  • Evidence based lessons framed in ADCES "7 Self Care Behaviors"

  • On-demand, culturally relatable, animation diabetes curriculum

  • Instructional behavioral daily blueprint 

  • Pedometer connection to track steps/activity

  • "Real world" nutrition database to learn from

  • HandBook - In app quick reference user support guide

For the provider that wants to generate income with church clients, highlight credentials and experience, as well as create easy onboarding codes for patients.

Module 2 - Solo Plan

Offer the Hico Health digital program to your Church clients.

Churches will be able to start or strengthen their health ministry.

Generate monthly revenue.


Revenue Share



Showcase your brand and professional credentials.

Continue to build your brand and reinforce your credibility, domain knowledge and diabetes expertise inside of your user apps. 



Allow patient to onboard themselves.

Reduces labor burden. 


For the provider that wants to introduce one digital education series to their patients and looking to communicate with patients within the app at scale.

Module 3 - Growth Focus

Deliver evidence-based health education at scale.

The Hico Virtual Class is a

pre-programmed smartphone class that guides your users through one health class your choice.

(with associated videos)


Virtual Class (1)

Video List (1)


In App Patient


Secure and easy way to communicate with your users.

While normal texting between cell phones is NOT HIPAA compliant, this "in app" message option is HIPAA compliant.

Module 4 - Scale Up

For the provider wanting to expand to multiple disease state modules (prediabetes/hypertension)

Chronic Disease


Access to the entire library of health modules.

As new modules are created, you will have access to them to assign to a particular patient.

(with associated videos)


Module 5 - Team Zone

For the provider moving into maximum revenue generating opportunities with Corporate Wellness offerings and Community Health Center partnering, deeper branding and payment options.

While most providers

 incorporate our digital curriculum into their existing services for free,

 ... other providers choose to charge their users a nominal monthly fee.



HR Benefits


Allows you to offer a viewing portal & analysis reporting to a corporate benefits HR client.

Each module is for two corporate client.

Provides the infrastructure for providers to deliver billable revenue opportunities to FQHCs.

Each module is for two FQHC clients.

Remote Patient


Providers can elect to take advantage of our existing remote text supported interventions.

It's like having your own heath assistant.



Health Coaching

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