Workplace Program

Healthy Workers

Healthy Profits


Employees are facing rising healthcare costs and those preventable costs are impacting the bottom line.​​

Challenge 1

Poor worker health is a drain on the bottom line.

  • Diabetes costs the average business an extra 5.5 sick days per year.

  • Unhealthy workers that do show up are not operating at full capacity.

  • Diabetes costs the average business more in insurance premiums.

  • The cost of firing, retraining and management time is burdensome.

Challenge 2

Employees are don't always understand or trust their prescribed medications.

  • Over 50% of patients do not take medications as prescribed.

  • Over 50% of doctors do not adjust medications in timely fashion.

  • Less than 15% of patients refill their prescribed medications.

  • 29.4% of patients in random study were prescribed 6 or more concurrent drugs

Challenge 3

Employers are looking for a trusted, safe offering that can include all the demographics of their workforce.

The Solution

Hico Health provides a digital diabetes education and lifestyle intervention program that employers can offer their workers in their corporate benefits program.

Hico Health provides our diabetes curriculum and behavioral change learning modules through mobile phones.

Your employees learn:

  1. About food nutrition

  2. How to choose healthier behaviors

  3. Best self management techniques

  4. How to become healthier

Our curriculum is:

  • Based on American Association of Diabetes Educators guidelines.

  • Culturally relatable

  • On demand

  • Safe and secure (HIPAA)

  • Created and supported by Pharmacists/Certified Diabetes Educators

How are we different?

Although there are many digital diabetes apps in the marketplace, they are not all based on evidence, HIPAA compliant and supported by best in class medical professionals.

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