How To Create An Effective And Sustainable

Digital Health Diabetes Outreach Program

In Your Church

Proper planning is required to create a long lasting and effective health ministry.  This guide will give you a 8 week countdown format to use to launch your health program.


This is simply a guide as your expertise, resources and church size will dictate your own schedule.

Week 8


The most successful programs are those that have complete buy in from the top leadership down.

  • Form a health committee of at least three members

  • The entire committee should download app to get familiarized 

  • Set macro goals for your participants

  • Some goals to consider are medication adherence, glucose testing, weight loss, etc.


Week 7


There needs to be a quarterback serving as the point person of the program. Some churches are fortunate enough to have a medical professional volunteer, but other churches are perfectly fine appointing a capable and passionate volunteer.

  • Designate a member of the committee as the Program Manager who will also liasion with Hico Health

  • Program Manager will get DashBoard portal credentials and training

Week 6


It will be advantageous to dedicate space to the program.  Whether its a room or a table and chair. 

  • Decide on suitable space - will there be a weekly face to face or open forum discussion?

  • Where will computer be located?

  • NOTE: In the distancing guidelines during Covid19, this can be adjusted

Week 5


You are now in the second stage of prep work. 

  • Pick a start date - at least one month out

  • Decide on how large your pilot class will be; at least 5, no more than 30

  • Collect baseline data. Will you need to purchase a scale or blood pressure machine?

Week 4


It's time to announce the program to the congregation. 

  • Distribute the program announcement flyer (provided)

  • Announce next week will be Q&A.

Week 3


This time is dedicated to answer Q&A (provided)

  • Handout # 1

  • Announce next week is sign up and app download 

Week 2


Start signing up participants.

  • Advanced: Set up participants with Zoom app

Week 1


Its time to get the class started!  This is the time to have all participants download the app.

  • Have an assistant ready to help with any download issues

  • Announce that they are to download and watch Video # 1

  • All members of the committee should start the class in their apps as well so as to follow along with the class

  • See you at the end!

Last Day


Class is over. It's day 90 of the virtual class. Now is the time to engage in post program evaluation andactivities.

  • Record all any post class metrics; weight, blood pressure, etc.

  • Record class evaluation survey

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  • Chief Health Officer

  • Pharmacist

  • Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

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