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Hico DashBoard


If you are a Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, a Registered Dietitian, Primary Care Provider, nutrition expert or any other wellness or obesity professional looking to incorporate digital health into your current initiatives, Hico DashBoard can assist you in expanding your clinical capacity.

No matter if you are just starting out in your career or you have years of expertise, you can select the module package that best fits and augments your clinical goals.

Hico Health is a digital health company that offers a demographic sensitive population management platform, Hico DashBoard, for health providers to deliver better health outcomes for their patients at scale, all through mobile.

Hico DashBoard provides the infrastructure to deliver:

  • Health literacy education

  • Behavioral change programming

Health Literacy Diabetes Education

Our video education curriculum is:

  • Culturally sensitive - reflecting the patients we are serving.

  • Evidence based - framed in the ADCES 7 Self Care Behaviors.

  • On demand - your patients can watch on their own schedule, or yours.

Behavioral Change Programming

Our behavioral change programming includes:

  • Daily blueprint map

  • Nutritional database

  • Health nudges

  • Encouraged activity

These features, with other in app features, promote health accountability, patient empowerment and adoption of new and healthy behaviors.

You will be able to manage your patients in a web browser enabled Hico DashBoard that gives you real-time insight into each of your patients.

Your patients upload their health data into a secure HIPAA compliant cloud platform where you can monitor real time population status and progress.

This is a perfect solution for a professionals who want to:

  • Integrate a digital health DMSES program

  • Reach more patients in their current practice/program

  • Use actionable data to develop a more robust intervention schedule

Hico Health Long Term Clinical Goal:

> For your patients to adopt, normalize and sustain behavioral changes that leads to healthier lifestyles.

Hico Health Long Term Business Goal:

> Utilizing Hico DashBoard to ensure your program becomes and remains economically sustainable. Our Hico DashBoard will allow you to leverage your expertise and reach with our culturally relatable, tech-enabled DSMES health literacy curriculum.

Hico DashBoard puts the power in the hands of you, the provider, who already has the trusted relationships and are in the trenches doing the good work in our communities.

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