Dale Bryant, MBA

  • Director


I am a fixer by nature.

If I see a problem, I immediately start thinking about solutions.

My initial role in the company was to provide strategic direction.  But after being inspired by what Sean Parker was doing in the cancer space, it became clear what kind of value an outsider could bring into the healthcare arena.

I bring a unique set of talents and perspectives to the company and to the challenges we face with healthcare in general, and type 2 diabetes in particular.

Like Sean, I didn't come with some of the legacy beliefs that sometimes burden those who have gone through the traditional channels of medical education and experience.

I rarely accept the status quo just because, and am always asking "why?", or "why cant we do it a different way?"


Director - Hico Health  - 2016 - Present

Serve as chief strategist responsible for new business development/integration, partnership acquisition and revenue acceleration.

​Principal  -  Investment Advisory Firm - 1997 - Present

Founded and lead strategic guidance for a RIA firm headquartered in New York City.


Consultant  -  Office Space Company - 2010 - 2020

Provide business strategy and profitability initiatives for 35k square feet of shared office space company.


Associate - Lehman Brothers - World Financial Center -1994 - 1996

Implemented investment management strategies for global financial institutions and high net worth individuals by assisting in the identification and execution of fixed income, equity and derivative instruments.

Accountant  -  Morgan Stanley - 2 World Trade Center - 1990 - 1993

Performed accounting duties for a global fixed income Portfolio Manager and a family of mutual funds.

Accountant  -  Reich & Tang LLP - 100 Park Ave - 1989-1990

Assisted in money management duties that included booking trades, preparing cash postions and coordinating all relevant data for quarterly and annual reports.


  • B.S. Accounting - Univ. of Bridgeport,  December 1989

  • M.B.A. Finance - Pace University, September 1996