Black Community COVID-19 Response Plan

"Adopt A Church, Save Ourselves"

If COVID-19 taught us nothing else, it did teach us that we needed to be our healthiest selves in order to fight off any future virus pandemic.


We are Hico Health, a Black-owned, woman-owned, digital health company that partners with Churches to teach our community how to improve/treat their diabetes and high blood pressure, all through our smart phone Hico Health App.

If we can send a man to the Moon, we can certainly improve the health of our people.


This project, our moonshot, entails empowering churches with the funding and the technology to create, sustain and expand their health ministries and outreach in their communities. And by “their” communities, we mean my community and your community.

Healthier communities is just as impossible and inevitable as the Moon landing was.

Join us in battling one of the greatest challenges

in our community of our lifetime

The Goal - Healthier Communities

(The Moon Landing)

It was a bold statement at the time: traveling to the moon. And as impossible as it sounded, it was eventually accomplished with proper planning, resources and the sharpest minds in the room. But it all started with an objective.

What’s our objective?

  • To teach our community how to take accountability for their health

  • To teach how to self treat diabetes and high blood pressure effectively

  • To demonstrate cause and effect relationships with our food sources

  • To teach a lifetime of healthier habits

  • To lower blood sugar levels and high blood pressure readings

  • To reverse the progression of diabetes for each person

Challenges - Black Health Risks


There would be no Moon landing if we couldn't overcome the basic physics rules of gravity.  The same concept applies to our community health challenges. We need to have a complete understanding of the forces that we need to overcome.

What are they?

  • Our community has been disproportionately devastated by COVID-19

  • People with weak immune systems are exposed to greater COVID-19 risk

  • Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity all weaken the immune system

  • Of COVID-19 patients, 57% had hypertension, 42% were obese and 34% had diabetes*

  • Our people suffer from all three of these risk factors more than any other group

The Brain - We are Hico Health


Simply saying you want to travel to the moon was just that; words.  In order to actualize it, there had to be a team of experts with the willpower, patience, vision, understanding and the passion to see the goal through, no matter how long it took.

Would you like to meet us?

  • We are a digital health company that focuses on Black health

  • We use evidence based research as a foundation

  • We are a collection of best-in-class medical professionals

  • We are Pharmacists, Dietitians, Optometrists and Nurses who specialize in diabetes treatment

  • We teach people in a way that resonates within our culture because we are from the community

The Vehicle - Community Partners

(The Rocketship)

To get from point A, Earth, to point B, the Moon, a rocketship was required.  It was the most efficient vehicle to accomplish the goal.

Why churches?

  • Our community is in the church

  • Our community trusts the church

  • Combining the reach and distribution of the Church with our expertise, support and technology is the most efficient way to accomplish the goal

Ignition - What Can You Do

(The Fuel)

After all the NASA planning and rocketship prep, nothing would be launched without the most important ingredient; the fuel.

How do YOU fit in?

  • YOU are the rocket fuel!

  • This crisis has inspired many people to give assistance of all kinds

  • Many of you are wondering how can you do something that will MATTER

  • We are asking you to Adopt A Church

  • Your $3,000 sponsorship allows a Church and all of it's members 5 years of support from our Digital Diabetes Program

  • Your money will touch real people who need help the most: our people

  • We don’t want to launch a few rockets, we want to launch thousands

  • Adopt A Church and challenge a friend or colleague to do so as well

Dacia Bryant - Founder

  • Chief Health Officer

  • Pharmacist

  • Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Full Bio

Now is your time to support your community. If you would like to Adopt A Church of your choosing or if you prefer to choose a Church on our waitlist, click here.

If you are a Church that has been impacted by Covid-19 and cannot afford access to our health solution and would like to be considered for a gift, click here.