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About US

Telehealth Based

Chronic Care Management

For Underserved Populations


Unique Challenges Call For Unique Solutions

Hico DashBoard is a telehealth platform that supports health professionals and organizations focused on managing Black & Hispanic populations suffering with chronic diseases, conveniently via mobile delivery.

Hico DashBoard allows non-profit groups, churches, community partners and chronic disease practitioners to drive healthier population outcomes, at lower costs with our clinically driven, evidence-based and culturally sensitive lifestyle change program at scale.

Hico DashBoard is a HIPAA compliant portal that enables real time health monitoring and interventions via patient smartphone app. 

Hico Health's flagship Type 2 Diabetes solution is accompanied by additional learning modules that address Prediabetes, Obesity and Hypertension.

A different

kind of


Impact more



intervention timetables

Tailor behavior change

Monitor & collect data

Deliver digital

health education

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